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The affairs of the museum are controlled by a Board of Trustees, which meets quarterly.

Our current trustees are:

  • Glen Horn (Chair)
  • Sharon Goddard (Deputy Chair)
  • Martin Pitcher (Company Secretary)
  • Tony Bone
  • Vanessa Trevelyan
  • Simon Dukes
  • Jon Pattle
  • Katharine Boardman-Hims
  • Nigel Macpherson (representative of Abbot’s Hall Trust)
  • Cllr Lesley Mayes (representative of the District Council)
  • Cllr Linda Baxter (representative of Stowmarket Town Council)

The Museum of East Anglian Life is a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) with charitable status. The museum has a wholly-owned subsidiary, the Stowmarket Museum Trading Company Limited