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The Museum of East Anglian Life is a social enterprise sharing the compelling story of East Anglian lives through historic buildings, collections and landscape. We aim to enrich people’s lives, encouraging enjoyment, learning and participation through our public programmes, training and volunteering schemes.

The museum is a space for people to be active, learn new things, look at the world differently, make friends and give something back.


We have four organisational pillars that form our core identity:

Working Together: Part of the Communities around us, we actively involve people in everything we do, encouraging visitors, volunteers and local people to take part, share ideas and get involved.

Courage: We think big. Our enterprising, bold and far-sighted ideas influence and enrich people’s lives within and beyond the community. Through our ambition, we help people to achieve theirs.

Belonging: We share our knowledge of East Anglian heritage, telling the stories of our ancestors through our unique landscape and treasured collections, inspiring a greater sense of place.

Discovery: We provoke people to think about the world differently, encouraging enjoyment through an immersive, moving and fun experience.