Life through the Eyes of East Anglian Artists - Object Focus: Shepherd's Apple Corers

26 October 2016

The objects spotlighted this month from Life through the Eyes of East Anglian Artists are the shepherd’s apple corers/ or scoops. These corers were made from the bones of sheep that were found in the fields, and then carved into a handy pocket utensil. They were used to core apples for cooking, or for scooping fruit to eat.

Handmade apple corers were unique to the individual who made it; many being personalised and decorated with lettering or symbols like the ‘CB’ carved into the example from the museum (pictured above). Unfortunately we do not know who these initials refer to. Was it given as a gift? Are they the initials of the person who made it?

Life through the Eyes of East Anglian Artists is open until 31st March 2017 in Abbot’s Hall and is free to visit. 

Abbot's Hall is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm from the 8th November


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