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Alton Watermill

The mill house dates from 1765 although an extension was added in the Victorian period. The mill and the cart lodge were both built at the turn of the 19th century. They were relocated to the museum in 1973 prior to the construction of Alton water reservoir, under whose waters they would otherwise now rest. The buildings stand in the same layout as they were in the village of Holbrook.

In 1903, George Blackmore was employed to run the mill.  He and his family lived in the mill house until the outbreak of WWII when they moved to Ipswich.  Afterwards, the mill was no longer used on a commercial basis.

At the Museum, we aim to demonstrate the Watermill on a regular basis, pumping water from the River Rattlesden up to the Mill pond. The swish of the water with the clunk of the wheel, fill the mill with sound and bring it to life once more. To see the Mill in action, click here.