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Edgar’s Farmhouse

Edgar’s House was ‘discovered’ in Combs, just south of Stowmarket. It had been incorporated into a much larger farmhouse dating from the Victorian era. In 1970 it was saved from demolition and was the first historic building to be re-erected on the museum site.

The first recorded owners of the farmhouse were John Adgor and his wife Ascelina. In 1346 they held nearly 40 acres of arable land, 1.5 acres of meadow, 1 acre of pasture, a rood of wood and 3 acres of alderwood in Combs. They paid an annual rent of 12 shillings and attended the court of Lord Edmund of Combs every three weeks to play a role in dispensing laws of the parish.

Evidence suggests that the Adgors survived the Black Death (1348-50) and prospered. It is likely that the farmhouse was built after this event, to enable them to live within the land they were farming.

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