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GT Moulton Chapel

Great Moulton Chapel is typical of ‘tin tabernacles’ often found in East Anglia, Wales and the West Country. It is believed to have been supplied ‘flat pack’ by the Norwich firm of Boulton and Paul for the price of £105.18s.0d.

It was a protestant Chapel, not affiliated to any particular denomination although it does contain a baptismal pool, commonly found in Baptist Chapels. It later became part of the Rural Ministries group and had a more Evangelical focus, but remained non-denominational. As part of this group it had strong ties with other Chapels, in particular Surrey Chapel, Norwich. It was a member of that congregation William Dix, who paid for the Great Moulton Chapel to be built.

Here at the Museum, the Chapel houses an annual exhibition of objects from our collection. For more details of the current exhibition, click here.