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Home Close

The Home Close area of the Museum was once the Stock-yard for the Abbot’s Hall estate. It provided housing for pigs, cows, horses, equipment and harvested crops. The only original building to remain is the Abbot’s Hall Barn, a magnificent 13th century tithe barn with displays charting farming and the seasons. Abbot’s Hall Barn is the venue for many events at the Museum including our Annual Festival of Beer and Brewing, and a central focus for Traditional Music Day.

Displays in Home Close include:

  • A marvellous collection of Gypsy wagons and trailers as well as a Fairground showman’s wagon
  • Domestic life interiors from the 1900’s and 1950’s, along with a school room and recreated shops typical of village stores in East Anglia
  • The Farming Year featuring a fine collection of vehicles and machinery from the last 250 years, used for cultivating, harvesting, and processing crops in East Anglia