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William Bone Building

The Bone Building takes us through over 200 years of the history of the world famous engineering firm of Ransomes, Sims and Jeffries. Starting from an ironmongery shop in 1774, swiftly followed by the development of the cast-iron plough share in 1785, this family firm went on to become world leaders in agricultural engineering, exporting ploughs, threshing machines, steam engines and lawn mowers all over the world.

Highlights of the displays include:

  • A wooden beamed Ransomes AY plough from 1869 used for demonstrations at agricultural shows.
  • Ransomes, Sims and Head steam traction engine, No 5137, built 1882, and thought to be the oldest surviving engine of its type.
  • A memorial to ‘Employees at the Orwell Works who died for their Country in the Great War’ 1914-1919
  • An S9 Hindustani plough from 1932, based on early ox plough designs but adapted for use with elephants in India!