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Fright Night at the Museum

26 Oct 2018 - 31 Oct 2018

Scared of your own shadow? …check

Jump out of your skin at the pop of a balloon? …check

Let your own imagination get the better of you? … check

Are you afraid of the dark? … check

Then allow us to accommodate you on our first ever Fright Night at The Museum.

So you think you know the museum? Have you ever wondered what happens in the museum once the sun has gone down and not a living soul is about? Would you dare to follow a trail of terror to explore our site and find your way around our buildings unguided with just your friends for company? Can you hold your nerve whilst the dark shadows reveal the true goings on at The Fright Night at the Museum? This is a unique opportunity to see the museum in a different light….in fact in no light at all!

Have you the nerve to face the Victorian House of Horrors secrets, what’s creeping in the conservatory? What are the guests having for dinner?  Will you be getting your just deserts! Do you have what it takes to navigate around in the silent spooky surrounds of our hysterical historical site! Can you pass the Witch finders test, will you sink or swim?

Why is the Bone building named so? Can you avoid a deadly diabolical disease?

Sign up today ……..it might not be just the cold that’s the death of you!

For the first time the Museum of East Anglian Life is holding its Fright night, taking place over three nights at Halloween. Come and experience some of the mysterious buildings on our site for an unforgettable evening.

Dates Friday 26th, Saturday 27th Wednesday 31st October 2018.

Tickets must be booked in advance. Come with a group of friends to have the most fun, pre-book in a group of eight or you’ll be placed in a group of eight.

Attendees must be 14 and over, under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Ticket price will be £12.  Friday 26th and Saturday 27th and £14 on Wednesday 31st


Please arrive 15 minutes before your booked entry time. If you miss your entry time we will try to accommodate your group but we cannot promise. We do not give refunds. The walk takes about an hour to complete.

Parking- There is no parking available on site. however the museum has parking available in the Iliffe Way carpark (opposite ASDA)  and parking is free after 6pm.

The Event continues whatever the weather and some of it takes place outside so, please wear warm and waterproof clothing. Umbrellas are not allowed for safety reasons. Please don’t come in costume – ours will be more than enough to frighten you!

Please don’t use torches at any time. Only show a light from a torch if you wish to leave the Event. This will mean everyone in your group will miss the Event.

Please don’t bring food or alcohol with you. Refreshments may be purchased after the event.

Friday 26 October

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Saturday 27 October

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Wednesday 31 October

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