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Suffolk Horse Power: Our Living Heritage

24 Mar 2018 - 28 Oct 2018
Abbot’s Hall Stable Block

The face of an angel, the body like a beer barrel and the backside of a farmer’s daughter”

and so the old Suffolk saying goes! 

Have you ever seen a Suffolk Punch?  He is a magnificent horse with a story to tell.

Come and visit the Suffolk Horse Society exhibition in the Victorian Stable Block at Abbot’s Hall to find out more.

The Suffolk Punch was widely used as a draught horse providing unrivalled horse power in East Anglia until just after the Second World War when the introduction of large-scale mechanisation finally made them redundant.  The Suffolk Punch is now widely recognised as a critically endangered rare breed.

This exhibition provides an insight into the special role of the Suffolk Punch horse in the history and heritage of East Anglia, why he was originally bred and his growth in popularity at home and abroad, how his numbers declined dramatically and what the future holds today for the breed.

The Exhibition will run throughout 2018

Find more from the Suffolk Horse Society in Abbot’s Hall Community Cabinet