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The Museum of East Anglian Life is where town and country meet. Set within 75 acres of beautiful Suffolk landscape, located just a few minutes from Stowmarket Town Centre.

You’ll be surprised at the variety of East Anglian Landscapes to be found within only 15 minutes walk of the museum entrance as you discover the peace and quiet of the open countryside. Stroll along the nature trail and find out how man has worked the landscape to support farming and industry. See if you can spot the old osier beds that provided the materials for local basket makers.

Within the meadowland, the Alder Carr supports its own unique plants. Although liable to regular flooding the wet meadows are extremely fertile and plants, grasses and weeds grow very quickly each year. To manage the landscape we graze sheep and cattle, some of our own and some from neighbouring farms. This means we don’t have to bring heavy machines on site or use chemicals to keep the land under control.

The heavy chalky boulder clay of the main museum site was difficult to cultivate until the advent of the iron plough and the Agricultural Revolution of the eighteenth century. This area then traditionally supported mixed farms of dairy, livestock and arable.

The museum celebrates this history in its displays and collections but it also protects the sensitive and ecologically-diverse land it has inherited.